Period Drama Micro-reviews

Belle Issues of class, race, & gender merge with a story about interracial romance in 18th c England. A satisfying film.

To Walk Invisible celebrates the indomitable spirit of the Bronte sisters. Brilliantly written, acted, directed.

A Room With A View. Where Victorian morals lock horns with a blooming Edwardian romance. Ship points: 6/10

The Buccaneers is a searing look at marriage, class divide, and Victorian social customs, but still delivers a happy ending. Based on a novel by Edith Wharton.Ship Points: 5/10

North and South is the only romance that trumps Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Thornton & Miss Hale break the Victorian UST meter. Ship points 10/10

Victoria.  Jenna Coleman #notmyVictoria. I am aware this is an unpopular opinion. #zerofucks

The Crown. This is how you make a show about a monarch. The writers and the casting director of Victoria should learn from this masterpiece.

Crimson Peak is an original Victorian Gothic horror. More romance than scary. Pretty. horror:7/10 romance: 3/10

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is a light, frothy feminist watch for Period Drama enthusiasts. Forgive the silly plot lines. Ship points 6/10


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