Diary entries of North and South characters: Part 1

Margaret Hale: My father is the worst! He’s quitting his job and dragging us across the country to a dirty, smoky industrial town in the North. He doesn’t have the guts to tell Mama, so I have to do his dirty work and tell her. I haven’t lived in my own home in ages, and THIS is what I come back to! Ugh.
Mr. Hale: I’m being terribly irresponsible and childish but I’m going to quit my job because I feel like it and I’ll run away from the problem until I can’t anymore. There, solved.
Mrs. Hale: I’m soooo pissed I married a poor guy.
Dixon: I’m soooo pissed Mrs. Hale married a poor guy.
John Thornton: Damn, I hate unions. *glowers intensely at diary* Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a wife, but na. Who needs a wife when Mom’s for life.
Mrs. Thronton: My boy is the bestestestestestest.
Higgins: Unions, wages something something, Boucher something hoo dunnot something something… Union n’ me foreva!!!!! ❤
Bessy: Can’t wait to fucking die already.

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