List of JAFF books

Here is a list of JAFF Fan Fiction books – variations, prequels, sequels, and modernizations – all listed  according to categories that you won’t find on Amazon, but with hyperlinks to Amazon.  If you think we missed out on adding your favourite books, or you want to add a book you have published (or your book is already listed, but the information is incomplete), click here to add to the list.

To visit the list of North and South Fan Fiction books, click here.
To visit the list of Historical Fiction books, click here.

9 thoughts on “List of JAFF books

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  1. Great list 🙂 I wondered if you were only including P&P JAFF on this one? I didn’t want to send any others if this was just for P&P. Thanks for the resource!


    1. Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by. This list is for all JAFF, not just P&P. We would love for people to add the names of published JAFF books to this list, as it is impossible for two people to keep this list updated. Go ahead and add away – anyone can edit this list from their computer. (It’s not very phone compatible, unfortunately.) You can even embed this list in your own blog, share the link with others, or save the link and access it whenever you like. 🙂

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