Pride and Prejudice VS North and South: My First Guest Post

When my dear friend and JAFF blogger Rita Deodato asked me to write a guest post comparing Pride and Prejudice and North and South for her blog, I was thrilled. I included a SWOT analysis for each character, just for fun.  This is the SWOT for Margaret Hale.

And here’s where I sober up and attempt some serious analysis…………….

“Like her protagonist Elizabeth, Austen revels in the ridiculous. She holds up a mirror to human flaws, and does it with humour and charm. Whether it is Mr. Collin’s sycophancy, Charlotte’s mercenary approach to love and marriage, or even Elizabeth herself – Austen  parses human motivations and reactions with surgical precision.  And that’s why we love Austen. Her writing epitomizes the saying “It’s funny because it’s true”.

Gaskell on the other hand doesn’t shy away from exploring death, disease, poverty, feudalism, capitalism and class divide. Gaskell explores these subjects with a real earnestness that is reflected in Margaret’s conversations with Thornton, Higgins and her father.”


You can read the whole post here, including the SWOTs for Darcy, Elizabeth, Thornton, and Margaret.

Rita’s blog is From Pemberley to Milton


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