List of North and South Fan Fiction books

Here is a list of North and South Fan Fiction books - variations, prequels, sequels, and modernizations - all listed  according to categories that you won’t find on Amazon, but with hyperlinks to Amazon.  If you think we missed out on adding your favourite books, or you want to add a book you have published... Continue Reading →


Diary entries of North and South characters: Part 1

Margaret Hale: My father is the worst! He's quitting his job and dragging us across the country to a dirty, smoky industrial town in the North. He doesn't have the guts to tell Mama, so I have to do his dirty work and tell her. I haven't lived in my own home in ages, and... Continue Reading →

Period Drama Micro-reviews

Belle Issues of class, race, & gender merge with a story about interracial romance in 18th c England. A satisfying film. Brooklyn 1951 Ireland offers no future for Eilis. America is lonely, but has possibilities. Film captures the immigrant experience. ❤ To Walk Invisible celebrates the indomitable spirit of the Bronte sisters. Brilliantly written, acted, directed. A... Continue Reading →

The Victorian Life

I love everything about the Victorian era. Well, not everything. The Thames was overflowing with filth. There weren't any antibiotics. Tuberculosis claimed lives as did birthing complications. If disease didn't get you, perhaps Jack the Ripper would. Basically, anything could kill you. Women couldn't vote (or do anything much, really) . The British Empire systematically oppressed the... Continue Reading →

List of Historical Novels (written in the modern era)

Find a historical novel (written in the modern era) that's perfect for you. This includes historical romances, mysteries, adventure books, and even paranormal romance. Listed according to categories that you won't find on Amazon (but with hyperlinks to Amazon). This is a growing list, so I encourage authors and readers to add book titles to the... Continue Reading →

List of Period Dramas

The ultimate list of period dramas categorized by type (films, mini-series, and TV series) and time period, crowd-sourced from enthusiasts online. The document is editable, so feel free to add the names of your favourites here, if you don't find them listed.

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